About State Food and Drug Administration Institute of Executive Development 2012.09.11


About State Food and Drug Administration Institute of Executive Development 2012.09.11



State Food and Drug Administration Institute of Executive Development (Hereinafter referred to the Institute) is one of affiliated organizations directly under State Food and Drug Administration of China (Hereinafter referred to the SFDA), and the only national-level training institution under SFDA. The Institute is one of the first batch of 20 national professional continuing education bases and an authoritative professional educational institution in the field of food and drug regulatory in China. In 2012, the Institute was approved as “State Food and Drug Safety Emergency Exercise Center”.  The Institute is conveniently located at Beijing Xizhan Nanlu in Beijing with good transportation facilities and clean environment. It has well prepared teaching facilities and living conditions. The Institute is big enough for accommodating 200 trainees’ participants in the same time.


The Institute was founded in 1985. In 2010, The Institute was renamed “State Food and Drug Administration Institute of Executive Development” which is approved by China central government. The Institute is mainly responsible for the planning, organizing and implementing of training plan; establishment of teaching system in food and drug regulatory(including the subjects, curriculum and teaching material system, and faculty system); guiding the local education and training operations; carrying out the research on the policy, theory, and educational science in food and drug regulation; developing international education trainingconducting training to administrative couterpart centering around food and drug regulations.


The Institute builds its educational and training principles on “strengthening responsibility, improving capacity, broadening perspectives, promoting innovation”. The Institute insists on reforming and renovating, and continues to explore and grasp the laws of training talents, and full plays its role on training cadres in food and drug regulations. Its main discipline system is featured as drug regulatory, food regulatory, medical devices regulatory, party spirit training and administration. A serial of quality training programs which is characterized by “excellent faculty, quality courses, practical courses, innovative forms” has been set up in the Institute. Every year a certain amount of training class has been open. Up to 300,000 trainees participated in more than 2100 training classes held by the Institute since SFDA was established. 36,984 food and drug regulatory officials have been taken training programs. Some training and continuing education program regarding laws and regulations in food and drug administration was also developed and accessible to the public. In the meanwhile, the cooperation with PekingUniversity, NanjingUniversity and other famous universities was conducted concerning academy and degree education. In 2011, the Institute has been designated as first batch national professional continuing training base by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China.


The Institute observes the value of “wise learning, realistic attitude and creation”. Guided by the institute Motto of “research and study on practical situation, cultivate the characters to no flaws”, the teams of talents and faculty are being constructed, the rules and regulations are being perfected. All of these further improve the levels of teaching and comprehensive management. The Institute adhere its teaching line to four-in-one system of teaching, research, faculty, curriculums. The four-in-one system is being positively put forward. The theory research on food and drug regulatory, the development strategy on talents team and the theory research on teaching and training are being carrying out. The Institute pays much attention on introducing talents. The full time faculty teams are being expanded steadily. The part time teaching faculty is funded by well-known experts, scholars and professors. So far, a core teaching team constituted by 300 faculties characterized by excellent quality, rational constitution and adapting to new conditions. The textbook system has been advanced to implement based on planning. Till now, a serial of authoritative textbooks bas been published which are characterized by loyal to education training, full coverage, standard specification.   


        Now, SFDA pays more attention to the continuing education. The staffs of the Institute are devoted to building teaching system. The Institute is implementing “three-year strategic development program and ten years long term targets”, with the aim to comprehensively improve the levels of education, research and management. After several years of construction, the Institute will be labeled as an international first-class specialized education and training institution in food and drug safety supervision, so as to provide better intellectual support and talent guarantee for the development of China food and drug regulatory.